The Bike Shack/Shoe Shack is an equal opportunity Employer. Our employees are of the highest quality that we can find. We will always talk to qualified people about working with us. Bicycle service technicians , or fitness technicians with two or more years experience are always welcome to contact us.
We have a full staff of sales and assembly personal, and are always willing to talk to quality applicants for growing our team in those positions.
Current openings are for 'part time':
1. Fitness assembly and service technician. Send your information to
2. Shoe fittings & sales people. If you have a desire to work in a great shoe store, like The Shoe Shack, please contact
Job Applications are available at our store in Dubuque, Iowa.
A business can grow no farther than its employees have grown in their own lives.
This being true, we are looking for individuals who have matured enough to become self-managed, disciplined, have clear goals and a hunger for personal growth. If this sounds like you, please continue on.
Work here can be a lot of "fun", but our goal of impeccable customer service requires that our customers have more "fun" and have it first.
To achieve this, you will be required to "happily" take on the problems of our customers and effectively resolve them.
You will find this to be extremely demanding. Strong memory skills, sensitivity to details and ability to juggle multiple tasks will be needed.
You will need to be quick witted, teachable, and friendly, with a strong sense of humor. If you have made a habit of serving others, you will likely be successfully employed.
Customers always come first! This is our Vision!
Impeccable service is .... FAST, ACCURATE & FRIENDLY and is delivered in a CLEAN, PROFESSIONAL ENVIRONMENT.
Our (Management) job is To provide you with the vision and all the resources to achieve it
Your job will be To aggressively use those resources, to achieve our vision.
If you like what you just read, contact us for more information about how you could be a part of our team!

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