The Treadmills Benefits
Does walking indoors on the treadmill give you the same workout as a walk outside? The answer is an astounding, yes!
Whether inside or out, walking for X amount of time, at X intensity, using identical technique, will use the same calories and give you an equivalent aerobic workout.  No matter what the weather a treadmill can guarantee a consistent workout in all seasons.

When you go for a walk, you walk faster on some days than you do on others. Does it make a difference in the calories you burn? It sure does! When you walk on a treadmill, the speed is constant, so you feel like you get a better, more consistent workout than you would walking around your neighborhood. That’s a perk of the treadmill.

If you are looking for fitness equipment that will get the maximum burn, then a treadmill should be at the top of your list. Set the speed and incline to suite your desired cardiovascular goals. You can do a power walk up an incline or a heart-pumping run at high speed. The treadmill is unsurpassed for a cardiovascular workout. It works the large muscles in your body.

For walkers and runners alike, injuries are common from the constant pounding of joints on asphalt and concrete. Particularly higher end treadmills offer surfaces that absorb impact and reduce pressure. Injuries are less common and stress is reduced on those critical joints. Achilles tendons, knee joints, back muscles, ankles, thighs take less of a beating.

Speed and incline has always been a feature on motorized treadmills, but now your workout is enhanced by a variety of preprogrammed computerized exercises. Simulate running up and down hills, focus on cardio exercise, concentrate on burning calories, or work on speed training. Often treadmills have preset programs with various levels of intensity. In addition you can program your own workout, combining speed with incline. Variety is the spice of your treadmill workout!

Whether you are a casual walker or a serious runner, a treadmill can accommodate your exercise needs.  The treadmill is by far the most popular piece of equipment in the gym, and at home.

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